About us

The Pivot Gallery has become the epicenter of the emerging Connectivism movement in fine art. Located in the heart of the West Chelsea art district in New York City, the gallery hosts regular openings and receptions, as well as lectures and special limited exhibitions from Connectivist artists. 

In 2016, The Pivot Gallery announced it’s first Artist in Residence, painter Gareb Shamus. Gareb is a successful entrepreneur who is a pioneer in the Comic Con, Superhero, and comic book worlds (as both the founder and publisher of the globally renowned Comic Con and Wizard magazine; as well as in the sports world, where he created the International Fight League (IFL) and launched it on FOX TV. Mr. Shamus has helped develop and launch the careers of hundreds of mainstream and niche artists and athletes throughout the world. 

Combining over 27 years of professional experience with a lifetime of innovation, and now as a professional artist himself, Gareb has found a direction within the modern Connectivism Movement.