SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

art exchange london.jpeg

September 23rd to 25th, 2016

Art Exchange is a new creative project developed for creative businesses, brand owners, collectors & cultural influencers. 

The world is experiencing an accelerated pace of change. To engage and prosper, individuals and companies need to adapt increasingly quickly. Art unlocks the language, the mind-set and the vision of this change. Art Exchange will harness the power of art as an object, a concept and an experience:

Art Exhibition | Internationally curated artworks and creative projects, at the intersection of business and art

Art Talks & Panels | A thought leadership program of 6 interactive sessions, unlocking the art world for business and highlighting the opportunity for management consulting through the arts

Art Game | Hosted by NYC artist Peter Hopkins, Citydrift will give you the chance to explore London through the eyes & mindset as an artist.

Book your early-bird tickets now via www.artexchangeww.com.